Day 30: Me and my writing & thank you Writersbootcampza Team

It was the literary genius, Anne Lamott, who said, “this business of being a writer is ultimately about asking yourself, ‘How alive am I willing to be?” Writing has nothing to do with what do I want to say to the world or what is relevant out there, or what is currently selling or what would gain attention and followers and likes and RT’s. Writing anything, for me, is something that comes from a stirring deep inside me. It has to be something that is plaguing me; something that, if I don’t get it out, I won’t sleep well for … Continue reading Day 30: Me and my writing & thank you Writersbootcampza Team

Day 29: X-Ray

On January 9, 2010, I thought I could be brave; show off to my friends (not really), and dove into a shallow, like really shallow swimming pool. To this day I’m being LOL’d by friends because, according to them, I still don’t know how to dive….which is kind of true by the way (I’m confessing Jason Cupido). I went up in the air, and midway i heard people saying it’s a shallow pool. Too bad. Too late. I went straight down, hit the bottom, the bottom hit back. I was unconscious and blood gushed out my head. I didn’t see my … Continue reading Day 29: X-Ray

Day 28: Politics & Drama

Years ago I made a point of not being one to talk about politics, simply because I’m not a politician, but also because I believe the world would need less (moronic) governance if each person governs and judge themselves, fairly of course. But this is the topic so I have to weigh in. Here’s my 20cents:  Julius Malema & Steve Hofmeyr.  Both monkeys of the same kind. Both circus acts. It’s probably because they are so alike that they dislike each other so much. The one wants to win the approval of late C. J. LANGENHOVEN by singing “Die Stem”, and … Continue reading Day 28: Politics & Drama

Day 27: Bucket List

In my head I have a list of things I want to do before I die, probably longer than the Great Wall of China. I would love to call it a bucket list, but I don’t. Bucket list calls for you to write things down, and once it’s written down you have to devise a way into accomplish it, and history shows I’m not doing too well on the accomplishment scale. I don’t do well in completing what I’ve started, unless it’s a task given to me by a superior. I like following, but I hardly ever follow myself. I … Continue reading Day 27: Bucket List

Day 26: Friends

If you got to know me fairly recently, you wouldn’t think that there was a time- a very long time- when my life was defined by the heaviness of feeling too much. A time when aches and struggles were not a phase but a lifestyle; a waking up and going to bed process. It was both normal and weird to be so full of life the one moment and also overflowing with disgust for your life the next. It was a terrible unforgiving, unloving time in my life. But you won’t say that now. My life is so much better … Continue reading Day 26: Friends

Day 25: The story of my love (Free topic)

Sometimes, with people you feel a lot for, you know exactly what to say to them. You know how to say it in more than fifty different ways because you’ve practised it. You’ve rehearsed it- out loud and in your head; you’ve turned it around, over and over, and over. But you hardly ever know when to say it. Every time you get together, inside of you well the urge to say, “I’m into you; actually I’m more than into you, I really, really like you, but even more than that, I’m in love with you. And I know it … Continue reading Day 25: The story of my love (Free topic)

Day 24: What’s on my desk / in my handbag / in my pocket / in my car

“Show me your car inside, and you showed me your life”, people usually say. The same can go for what’s on your desk or in your handbag. As deep as this sounds, I can’t think of it as truth. Or can I? My desk is always cluttered with every necessary piece of technology I may need, a huge jug of H20 and a thousand random sticky notes, books, and stationary. I also have the brown hand of a mannequin on my desk, with a pink ring on it.  In my my bag I always have the necessary tech and accessories. … Continue reading Day 24: What’s on my desk / in my handbag / in my pocket / in my car

Day 23: Music

Music helps with that hole in my soul, when sleep runs away from me like a deceiving lover, and the moon is too bright, and the twinkling of the stars becomes louder than the voices in my head. “Shut up, you are too beautiful to be so loud”, I’d yell at the stars. Rather sing me a lullaby so that my fears can know my life has meaning. I should’ve discovered that years ago, when I discovered what music does to me. I discovered, more than what I listen to music, music listens to me. Music tells me it’s okay … Continue reading Day 23: Music

Day 21: Utter Randomness

The earth is round, and I’m flat, broke like a 50 cent short for a smoke. What is it about our lives that makes the sun comes up each morning? what is it about the sun that we adore him when he say good bye from the ocean. I’ve never seen a more  seductive look than that. Humour is not my greatest strength but all jokes are based on half truths, and all beauty comes from a wicked heart. Lend me your eyes and I’ll ask the moon to befriend you, with no expectations. Tell me about your childhood so … Continue reading Day 21: Utter Randomness

Day 20: Someone who’s made a big impact on me recently.

I have to think really hard for this, not because no one has made a big impact on my recently, but because there is so many to name. Just in my Bible study group alone there’s a few names; in my church there’s a whole bunch of them; in my circle of friends, even more. There’s also those I’ve never met, whose stories I read and see online, and they touch my life in unknown ways. But I’ve met a guy, through some mutual friends, after my move to Johannesburg. This guy has everything going against him in the new … Continue reading Day 20: Someone who’s made a big impact on me recently.