My 5 Favorite words in English, or any other language…

It’s weird how, as babies growing up, we struggled and stuttered our way to that first “Ma-ma”, and perhaps wondered why these giant human beings are making such a big fuss about something that came out of our mouths other than the Purity we just ate. But after that first “ma-ma”, our getting by and getting around in the world, for the next how many years, somewhat depends on those things coming out of our mouths, known as words. 

They are everywhere. We carry them around inside of us; they clutter our minds- millions and millions of them. In our heads, in our conscience, and our hearts. They made J. K. Rowling a 21st century legend and Hemingway the guy you’ll always want to be, with the beard and boat and all.

Surely there must be more to these things than just a way of communicating.

Remember Plato’s quote? 

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something”.

As philosophical and intelligent as this sounds, and probably is, I’d like to believe that it doesn’t matter today. Having something to say or just saying something to be heard are both 21st century opposite extremes of the same damn thing.

Regardless of how everyone complains all the time of how meaningless and superficial the updates on their Time Lines and News Feeds are, their fingers keep on scrolling, and their eyes keep following and their thoughts keep interpreting. And at random times they find themselves quoting or referring to some story or quote or word they came across online.

Just because you only have 140 characters at your disposal, doesn’t mean you have to come up with yet another borrowed, life-changing quote. It’s okay to say something cheesy, mundane, or cliché, from time to time, or all the time.

It’s YOUR words. 

You’re not Eddie Murphy in A Thousand Words.

Needless to say, my five favorite words are:

#kleurling (cos I am one)

#faith (cos it’s what my life hinges on)

#gelly-blik (try and find the meaning. its slang)

#donderwolk (thundercloud)

#Nadine (my girlfriend’s name)


Peace to you.





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