I just couldn’t live without.

There’s so many superficial things I could list for this post, like Nutella, or soccer, or my iphone (let’s face it, it has become part of us). But there are two far more powerful and heavier things I cannot and refuse to go by without, in this life: music & friendship. These are not two either/or kind of “can’t live without” things. They are both so deep-rooted in who I am that living without one would be like living without the other.

Music has been such a great companion and friend over the years, from the days of Percy Sledge’s “When a man loves a woman”, in my family home, to Tupac’s “Life Goes on”, to Skillet’s “Those Nights”, to every other artist who makes music for the weight it carries.

Friendship is a valuable thing.

It is a precious thing. I believe in it with all my heart.

It is one of those things we can never live without, or at least I cannot live without.

Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself how much I need friends in my life. How I need the influence, wisdom, support of them. There’s those days that I wish I’ve never met some of them but there are those days that I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been like without them. They make room for my errors and in return I allow them to be. Some choices we make often leads us to a lot of dark, unknown places but we can wander into those places fully aware of the amount of people supporting you and loving you.

Music is such a gentle and safe place to go to. I often feel like an artist were particularly aware of my situatioit-0827-512831-206398-backn when they wrote a song because everything in that song would point me to where I’m at, and often gives a way out.

Music resonates.

It connects.

strangers become friends; friends become lovers; choruses become anthems, and tattoos.

I wrote a small paragraph in my journal last year for those who don’t have the wealth and riches that I have in my friends. And to you I want to say: ”Be yourself. Make friends and stay true to them. Let them know that they matter and their stories matters. Stay loyal to them and fight for them”.

I honestly cannot live without

music & friends

Peace to you.


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