My life, in a job I saw in the paper

I saw an ad from a Pub & Grill looking for a professional barman. Now, I don’t know how pouring beer for people can be considered a profession, but then I realizes it is the 21st century. Anything that you can make a living from is considered a profession. Like, no one can call someone a maid anymore; they’re domestic workers for instance.

But I’d gladly pour people’s drinks for them, for the sheer pleasure of hearing their stories. I’d have regular customers with whom I interact almost daily because their lives would be so miserable, and they’d be so lonely, that the only person they can trust with their secrets is a night-shift, wet-behind-the-ears, part-time student, asking them if they want another “regular”.

I’m not dissing any barmen, and certainly not all barmen are students, but there is definitely a stereotype making the rounds that barmen doesn’t generally have much to show for their lives, unless of course, they own the bar. but the truth is, not everyone who works in a bar or restaurant or petrol garage do it because they don’t have an option (although, that is hard to prove in a country with an unemployment rate of almost 30%).

I’d like to believe that people work because they want to contribute to society and add value to life, whether it is a barman telling lame jokes to the depressed divorcee, or the president (any president) being a joke, for a living.

“Work is love made visible”.- Primi Piatti slogan

Peace to you.



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