Inspired by art, or an artist.

I was reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “David & Goliath”, and came across the fascinating story of the 19-century Impressionists group of painters who were rejected for the way they did art, which didn’t conform to the status quo.

Monet, Cézanne, Renoir.

Today these guys are hugely renowned artists but back in the day their art were looked down upon, for the simple reason that the greater majority of “art lovers” didn’t like it. In pursuit of their passion to paint, they often lived in poverty, but they did not dare give up on what they believe they are worthy of: ARTISTS.

After years of being rejected from having their paintings sold, they held their own smaller exhibitions which became instant successes, and now their paintings are being sold for millions of dollars. It is true that rejection can often be the best thing that happens to us. It forces us to reach deep within ourselves and search for a kind of worth, not in what we do, but in who we are. And that sort of worth is NEVER dependent on what others think or say about us.

The pastor and thought leader, Erwin Mcmanus were spot on about this in his book The Artisan Soul  in which he argues how we are all created to be artists.

Creativity is at the root of who we are.

Being human IS being creative.

It IS being artistic.

It is being inspired to craft our lives into the creative brilliance it is meant for.

For too long we have left the ability to create, and make art, up to a selected few. And they have carried forward the message of what’s new and trendy and out-the-box. But that ability sits in the bones of every single human being. While you are alive and blood is still gushing through your veins, you are an artist.

So take part in the beauty or creating.

add your piece.

write that book.

build that business.

do that research.

act foolish to the world.

make an everlasting impression.

Peace to you.




2 thoughts on “Inspired by art, or an artist.

  1. I like this dude, Thanks! I always say to the people (youth) at my church, don’t ever say “I am not creative.” Because that’s incorrect. We’re all creative. If we’re made in the image of our Creator… then we most certainly have creative flare in us.


  2. Funny I’ve been thinking of the impressionists a lot lately. The angle which I have been thinking about is how many of them moved in the same circle, they sat in the same cafes, they argued and they shared. Their work was individual and unique but they shared the passion for what they did. I belive that they fed off the energy of one anothers creativity they were friends and they argued but they had a dynamic which lead to greatness. In the ‘real’ world it is hard to find that kind of dynamic but in a space such as this writers bootcamp we are able to share and to inspire.


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