Love letter to my “pet hate”

Dear People who ‘like’ use the word ‘like’ almost ‘like’ after every second word.

Friends, strangers, and ‘likers’,

I’ve been meaning to talk to you for ‘like’ forever now, but I was ‘like’ super tied up with ‘like ‘ some other things, ‘like’ trying to read more so that I can ‘like’ better my grammar, and ‘like’ just be able to ‘like’, not only write better, but also to ‘like’ be able to ‘like’ speak to people so that they can ‘like’ understand me better, and so that I don’t ‘like’ sound completely idiotic when I ‘like’ try to make a point and be ‘like’ serious about life.

The other day I was ‘like’ having a conversation with ‘like’ a 14-year old girl, and we were ‘like’ chatting about school, and she was ‘like’ telling me about how science and maths are ‘like’ heavily drilled into them at school cos ‘like’ if you can do good in ‘like‘ those subjects you can ‘like’ get any job, and you can ‘like’ get paid a lot of money, and ‘like’ she wants to ‘like’ become a biochemist (whatever that is). And the whole time I was ‘like’ thinking how backwards our society is, because ‘like’, things ‘like’ culture, and storytelling, and art, language, and community- things that societies was built on for centuries- those things seem to ‘like’ fade away the smarter we try to make our kids.

I think you get the point I’m trying to make.

You are contributing to a “smarter” society, and by smarter I mean, phones and tablets, and Siri, and Google Glass, but in the midst of all of this, you are helping societies lose something that is eternally vital for the continued existence of mankind: (the art of ) oral language/communication.

However, sometimes people are such good communicators, others don’t hear what they say. Communication, in its simplest form is making a point and take a step back to allow for response.

And I know words ‘like’ “LOL” and “TWERK” and “BAE” aren’t really helping us but those ‘words’ or whatever they are, they’re not pet hates, they are abominations. They are the modern-day slavery of language.

So, may I beg of you to be smart enough to study science and maths and all those “smart people” fields, because they contribute hugely to making the world a sustainable and livable place. But what are we sustaining if the inhabitants communicate in “LOLS”, ‘LIKES”, and “TWERKS”?

So ‘like‘ please, for ‘like’ the love of language, don’t ‘like’ use this word so much.


People who still enjoy talking to people face-to-face.

Peace to you.




4 thoughts on “Love letter to my “pet hate”

  1. I enjoyed this so much; written with a touch of humor/sarcasm then brings out the big guns. Awesome well done!


  2. I felt guilty pressing the LIKE button 😉

    I always wonder how English teachers put up with orals. Imagine students using the word “like” too much… grrr


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