Day 10: The best advice I ever received.

In a digitally dominated world, it’s hard to come up with any sort of one-liner “best advice ever” thing. Because from waking to sleeping we are bombarded with quotes, and sayings, and stories, and tweets about who said what.

Often the online world knows what will be said before its being said. And it’s easy to fall into the category of those who simply scroll for the sake of knowing what’s trending. It’s easy to have thousands of friends and followers without opening yourself to learn from any of them.

I make an intentional effort to scroll through Facebook or Twitter and see where can I learn what from who. 

I grew up without a father, and so I draw principles of father & son relationships off of friends and strangers’ timelines and websites. I know that’s it’s said that just because something is on the internet, doesn’t make it true, but in the same way, just because it’s on the net, doesn’t make it any less true either. It’s sad that no one came alongside me to mentor me in my absent-father phases, but I’m glad they didn’t (to some extent) because I’ve been mentored by people who doesn’t even know I exist.

Advice on the internet is purely about eating the meat and spitting the bones. Like with all advice, even in the “offline” world. I’m taking advice from wherever I see it can add value to my life, from the street vendor at my robot who lets me believe he takes the taxi everyday from Makopane (limpopo) to Mulbarton (Johannesburg) to sell avocados and naartjies, to the @LeadershipTips twitter handle.

I’m constantly receiving, online and offline; face-to-face and face-to-phone. I’m receiving the best advice ever, every day.

Peace to you.



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