Day 18: Guilty pleasures

“Guilty pleasures” is just a short term for “feeling bad about feeling good’, which, I think, is something we shouldn’t feel, but we still do….especially men.

I know if some men would have it their way, they would sloth it up all day, every day. I have to admit, I also get days where I just want to drop rubbish and clothes and plates and food boxes wherever I want to in my flat and never feel guilty about it. But that’s not guilty pleasures, that’s just plain lazziness. That’s all.

I suppose my “favorite” guilty pleasure is going to the cinema by myself and watch any movie I want. I love watching movies with my girlfriend (that’s the best), but from time to time I just like to pop into the cinema with a huge-ass slush (all flavours), large popcorn, phone off, and watch a really funny or romantic or stupid movie. It’s sort of a way of forgetting what was and what’s to come, and just be in the moment of sheer nothing.

I also like to let loose in my flat from time to time, on the most corniest pop-music, the Iggy Azalea, the Lady Gaga, the Nicki Minaj, and even the 1D. I would stand in front of the mirror, like we all do when we’re alone, and come up with the coolest aka lamest dance moves ever.

Then, I don’t feel judged.

I don’t feel guilty, okay, maybe a little. But it feels good.

People always looks at a single guy or girl sadly, when they go to the movies by themselves. I have no idea why, but I’ll continue to do so, even long after I’m married.

Peace to you.


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