Day 20: Someone who’s made a big impact on me recently.

I have to think really hard for this, not because no one has made a big impact on my recently, but because there is so many to name. Just in my Bible study group alone there’s a few names; in my church there’s a whole bunch of them; in my circle of friends, even more. There’s also those I’ve never met, whose stories I read and see online, and they touch my life in unknown ways.

But I’ve met a guy, through some mutual friends, after my move to Johannesburg. This guy has everything going against him in the new South Africa. He’s white, male, and doesn’t have a matric certificate. Now if you are smart enough to know South Africa, that is the bottom of the food chain. There’s not much lower you can go than that in this rainbow nation.

On the other hand, this guy is an amazingly talented musician. He was in a successful South African band. He has an honest appreciation for art and music producing, and he’s not the arrogant type. He’s so humble.

He recently started with his adult matric in an attempt to make more of his life than just pursuing a passion. He understands the importance of passion, but he also understands the reality of the world we live in. Without shame (or maybe he hides it well) he’s doing matric so that he can get a job one day so that he can start a family someday so that he can contribute to society.

As someone who’ve been there myself, I’m fully aware of the inner struggles this guy must face. It would be so easy to quit and give, especially when you have legitimate reason to do so.

He doesn’t know how he’s inspiring me, to send out one more email for a speaking opportunity, to enter one more writing competition, to think of one more way to leave a creative footprint, one more way to help teenagers change behaviour patterns.

Your life impacts mine friend. Keep at it.

Peace to you.

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