Day 21: Utter Randomness

The earth is round, and I’m flat, broke like a 50 cent short for a smoke. What is it about our lives that makes the sun comes up each morning? what is it about the sun that we adore him when he say good bye from the ocean. I’ve never seen a more  seductive look than that. Humour is not my greatest strength but all jokes are based on half truths, and all beauty comes from a wicked heart. Lend me your eyes and I’ll ask the moon to befriend you, with no expectations. Tell me about your childhood so that I can know you from when you were just a little winter girl with polka-dot gumboots and a smile that says “daddy’s girl”. Life is not funny when you are the punchline, and I’ve seen too many punches on target. Is it too much to ask you for a walk in my shoes, big and smelly as they are; they’ve seen a million miles of cobblestone streets. Getting what you want, when you want it, all the time is a terrible poison too many people can’t stay away from. You’ve poisoned me cos all i’ve wanted was you. I’ve sleepwalked through your streets with more ghosts from my pasts than you could ever imagine. My heart is a churchbell and it keep on ringing for you to come say Amen at the altar of my broken soul. The past has never been the safest place to hide your fears. Tell your stories to the dead and your story won’t be safe, cos tombs have ears and graveyards have too many whisperers. Forgiving isn’t always forgetting, and randomness can be mistaken for confusion.

Utter confusion. Utter randomness. Often opposite extremes of the same thing.

Peace to you.

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