Day 24: What’s on my desk / in my handbag / in my pocket / in my car

“Show me your car inside, and you showed me your life”, people usually say. The same can go for what’s on your desk or in your handbag. As deep as this sounds, I can’t think of it as truth. Or can I?

My desk is always cluttered with every necessary piece of technology I may need, a huge jug of H20 and a thousand random sticky notes, books, and stationary. I also have the brown hand of a mannequin on my desk, with a pink ring on it. 

In my my bag I always have the necessary tech and accessories. I never go without a pen in my bag, some loose change, and a coin with an inscription that says, “nothing will happen today that me and God can’t handle together”. I also have my watch that needs a battery for the last four months, which i promise myself every Sunday night, I’ll go fix it tomorrow.

I never carry cash in my pockets; not that I have any to carry, but I always keep my green wallet, my Burt’s Bees lip balm (never heard of it? you haven’t lived.), and my phone, which tends to slip out whenever it feels claustrophobic.

In my car I keep a full 2L bottle of water, not for me to drink but because I have a thirsty car. They tend to drink more water the older they get I’ve heard. I have 2 Bibles (cos I’m holier than thou) or perhaps hijackers would respect a brother with 2 Bibles. I never listen to music in my car, because I like the quietness, but also because I don’t have a car radio. The only sound in my car is the beeb I hear from my e-tag when I go through a  gantry. 

Cluttered cars, bags and desks can be distractions, but they are also reminders that we don’t need to have every little thing under our control, or know where everything is. Our things desks can be a bit messy, or our bags a bit too heavy, or our cars a bit too noisy, as long as we don’t drown in the McDonalds rubbish or half-eaten pizza slices, and as long as we are not known for that.




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