Day 26: Friends

If you got to know me fairly recently, you wouldn’t think that there was a time- a very long time- when my life was defined by the heaviness of feeling too much. A time when aches and struggles were not a phase but a lifestyle; a waking up and going to bed process. It was both normal and weird to be so full of life the one moment and also overflowing with disgust for your life the next.

It was a terrible unforgiving, unloving time in my life. But you won’t say that now. My life is so much better now. I wake up and see every day through the eyes of possibility and hope.

This- wholeness and hope- was made possible by friends.

People I’ve made bonds with; people I’ve made promises to that has kept me safe. Where I’m at now reminds me of the days I have fought for friendships, only to realize it’s never going to survive. But also how others fought for me, where I never thought I’d live through.

Friendship is a valuable thing.

It is a precious thing.

I believe in it with all my heart.

It is one of those things we can never live without, or at least I can’t live without.  Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself how much I need friends in my life. There’s those days that I wish I’ve never met some of them but there are those days that I’m so grateful for meeting them, and thank God for them. They make room for my errors and in return I allow them to be.

A while ago I did the Strengthfinder’s Test, and one of my major strengths is the WOO (Winning Others Over). It says I have the unique ability to win others over and “derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person”. It also says, in my world, there is no strangers; only friends I haven’t met. 

I love that. I love connecting with people with the intention of having them as a friend. I know it doesn’t work like that; that everyone won’t be a friend, and some friends turn into vicious enemies but I would risk myself over and over, to make a friend.

I’ve been saved one too many times by the wisdom of a friend, or reprimanded by them, or cried with them or celebrated beauty of them. Therefore I’ve made a conscious decision to give myself to friendship in the ways it was given to me.

I’ve been accused of being a terrible lover, but I can say with confidence that no one can accuse me of being a terrible friend.

Do I hurt my friends? Often yes.

Have I been wounded by a friendship? Absolutely yes.

Will I give myself to it again? EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This year I’ve made so many friends, all authentic and beautiful people who I learn from as my days pass.

What a waste of God would it be if I live my life removed from the beauty of friends.

Peace to you.



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