Day 29: X-Ray

On January 9, 2010, I thought I could be brave; show off to my friends (not really), and dove into a shallow, like really shallow swimming pool. To this day I’m being LOL’d by friends because, according to them, I still don’t know how to dive….which is kind of true by the way (I’m confessing Jason Cupido).

I went up in the air, and midway i heard people saying it’s a shallow pool. Too bad. Too late.

I went straight down, hit the bottom, the bottom hit back. I was unconscious and blood gushed out my head. I didn’t see my life flash pass me but it did occur to me that I was born out of water and I shall die out of water.

But I didn’t die.

I went to a hospital where they probably asked the first person they saw with a white coat on, to take me to the room where the X-radiation will be done. The guy with the white coat did whatever the hell they usually do when taking x-rays; looking up at the “copies” of my neck, “printing” more; more looking, and then concluded my neck is okay. Nothing is broken, and I can go home in the morning.

Couple hours later in the ER another random doctor (I think it was an angel) came to visit and asked me to try and put my chin on my chest. When I told him I can’t, he said he’s booking a CAT scan thingy right away. I went, and found out my neck was indeed broken. I don’t know how I was still alive or able to use my full body, but the doc said he’s convinced my purpose in life wasn’t over, as surviving that injury the way I did, is highly unlikely.

And so began a six week journey of laying flat on my back 24 hours a day. So began a frustrating time of being washed by nurses; looking into a mirror to see anything in any direction; but most frustratingly of all, having to lay on my back and do number 1 and 2………..ugh!!!

But that time also gave me an opportunity to X-ray my soul; to look into myself; to place my soul under the bright light and look at it from different angles. It gets ugly when you do that.

It’s uncomfy when you have to examine yourself; when you’re the one with the white coat looking up at what’s broken inside of you; what needs fixing. And the easiest thing would be to do a quick examination, and conclude that you are fine, that you don’t need a deeper look, because looking deeper means digging things up, and digging things up means dealing with it, and dealing with it might mean more pain, and more pain might mean a longer healing process……

But don’t be scared.

Place yourself on that table.Put on that white coat and look into yourself.

X-Ray yourself.

Peace to you.

first day in hospital


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