Hope For Grabouw

I don’t have a lot of recollections of Apartheid. I grew up in its fade-out phase. I was only six years old when Mandela was released from prison. Back then I didn’t even know who Nelson Mandela was but I remember the hope with which people spoke about him. I vaguely remember what happened in Melrose Place with the forceful evictions in the 90’s. I remember as a boy, helping families gathering their belongings that was scattered all over that dusty open field. I remember the barbed wires, and begging treats from the SA Army guys patrolling our streets. I … Continue reading Hope For Grabouw

Grabouw–I’m from you.

I’m from Appletiser, from fruit-picking, and potholes the size of basketball hoops. I’m from abandoned buildings and a school with too many broken windows. I’m from a million bad habits to kick and a bucket list as long as the schoolyard wall I often used as a public toilet. I’m from the apple orchard, the Elgin Rose, and the Country Club with an ocean without salt or the colour blue. I’m from burnt spaghetti bolognaise and Percy Sledge LP’s; from big-brother-biting-ear-off at Christmas lunch and little brother getting tattoos at age twelve. I’m from the broken bones and sticks and … Continue reading Grabouw–I’m from you.

I should learn to “Shut The EFFF Up”

So, a couple of days ago I did the ONE THING Christians, especially a youth pastor, are NOT allowed to do: I cussed (the F-word)….on Facebook (gasping). A lot of people were quite offended by that, and I want to apologize for that. I’m sorry that I did not portray much of the Jesus-likeness I’m supposed to show. And I could try to justify it by saying I was angry and therefore did not think properly, but I’d be lying (which is a pretty acceptable Christian behaviour in 21st century culture). But I knew exactly what I was doing. In … Continue reading I should learn to “Shut The EFFF Up”