I should learn to “Shut The EFFF Up”

So, a couple of days ago I did the ONE THING Christians, especially a youth pastor, are NOT allowed to do: I cussed (the F-word)….on Facebook (gasping).

A lot of people were quite offended by that, and I want to apologize for that. I’m sorry that I did not portray much of the Jesus-likeness I’m supposed to show. And I could try to justify it by saying I was angry and therefore did not think properly, but I’d be lying (which is a pretty acceptable Christian behaviour in 21st century culture).

But I knew exactly what I was doing.

In fact, every time I post something online, I know exactly what I’m doing.

It’s already been thought through.

Hardly ever do I go, “oops, you shouldn’t have posted that”.

That alone would make me unworthy of even using this beautiful invention called the internet.

Since that F-word post I had a couple of people expressing their concern for my use of language on social media, especially because I’m a youth pastor, and people look up to me, and what if my youth start using the word freely because I’m using it, and what kind of example am I setting, and maybe I should delete that post, and there are better ways of expressing yourself, and that’s not Christ-like, and I should know better, and I need to repent of my profanity, and Jesus forgives, and, oh my goodness, I almost JUST said it again.

Some of the comments and phone calls even refer to them ‘caring and loving and being concerned for me’.

But I was so deeply, deeply saddened and hurt by their comments and conversations. Not because I know they are right, but because once again God’s people are more concerned about ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ than a man with a heavy heart and how they can help him.

Once again God’s people showed what they are AGAINST instead of what they are FOR.

Not ONE of these people I offended asked me about the reason behind my use of the word. Not ONE of these people were interested in the thing, behind the thing, behind the thing. Not ONE of these people have been wrongfully accused of armed robbery and can’t get police clearance or a visa to go overseas, or a criminal record they try to get expunged.

Well, I do….for the last 13 years to be precisely.

And so, it was easier to bring the woman caught in adultery before Jesus, based on what’s right and wrong, but it’s another story to be the tax collector beating his chest, pleading with God to have mercy on him, right!

Maybe raw emotion was never part of the Jesus way and we’re all just supposed to fake it til we make it, as long as we set a good example.

Maybe that’s why the message of Jesus is only good on paper, and videos, and poems.

Maybe we were never supposed to put relationships above right and wrong.

Maybe I’m just foolish to believe that in all four the Gospels Jesus cared so little for rules when people’s hearts were involved.

Maybe Jesus came to set us free from what’s right and what’s wrong, and came to show us that we are sustained by relationships; by understanding each other first before being offended by each other; by hearing each other’s stories before jumping to conclusions; by beating our chests and not clutching our stones.

Maybe the F-word wasn’t so bad; maybe it was; maybe it doesn’t matter at all; maybe it’s a sin….who knows.

What I do know in all of this is that if Jesus cared so little for what is right and wrong, maybe we should too.

Peace to you.


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