Don’t go just yet.

I know there will be days when it feels as if this life wants to squeeze every ounce of happiness out from your leaking heart…BUT, hold on.

I know, “it gets better”, often sounds more flirtatious than it actually is, and healing can cause more pain than hurting does…BUT, hold on.

I know, inside, you dreams feels more like windswept ashes than the sweltering fire you once thought it was…BUT, hold on.

I know you believe that friendship is like skipping stones; that no matter how big the ripples, it somehow always vanishes in the sea of “all of us”…BUT, hold on.

I know, “you’ve come this far”, has stretched too far, and maybe the world IS made up of 7 billion reasons for why you just can’t stay here…BUT, hold on.

Hold on my life; hold on.

If you can’t hold on for anything or anyone, then hold on for yourself.

Hold on because there’s fresh flowers coming your way. And I’ll hand-deliver them to you personally if everone’s too busy. And when you ask me why, I’ll say, “because you’re human”. 

Hold on because your favorite band is busy with a new song that talks about how it’s okay to feel too much. And I know you feel an awful lot more than others.

Hold on because you can never overstay your welcome here; because home can be a home outside the home you were born into.

Hold on because even though you go unnoticed, and what you feel, feel inexpressible, you never know to whose life you bring light. (And don’t give me the bull shit that the world doesn’t allow you to shed light. The world doesn’t allow ANYONE to shed light, and yet, in every 24-hour day, people smile because of others; people feel lighter because of others; people feel safe and loved because of others).

So don’t go just yet.

Stay with us a little longer.

Let your fully-present presence linger with us still. we don’t need it, but will surely miss it to our cores.

Let your smile continue to add character to the environment a little longer.

Let your story be preached, sung, echoed, and reflected upon long after the credits have rolled.

I know it’s hard…

I know, but hold on

Don’t go just yet.


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