Expungement: Rejected

In the last week, I’ve had the privilege to share my story/my testimony with three different groups of people- a new-found group of friends, a radio station, and a grade 8 group from a nearby school, today. And as much as it can become repetitive, it truly is something that fills my replenishing bucket to the brim. On most days leading up to the speaking opportunity, I have this fight with myself: “Why did you say yes? Is this all you’ll be known for? What are you without having to share your story?” But I feel my hope immensely refreshed, and … Continue reading Expungement: Rejected

You Only Die Once (Y.O.D.O)

To abandon a comfortable lifestyle that isn’t deeply fulfilling is to abandon nothing. There’s nothing of real substance there to protect. An income, a car, a house, or a lifestyle is not worth protecting if the cost of such protection is your own fulfilment and happiness. People who achieve some of the external trappings of success without internal fulfilment are only living an illusion when they tell themselves they have something of value to protect. In most cases the feeling that there’s something to protect is just an excuse used to avoid facing the real fear — that maybe all … Continue reading You Only Die Once (Y.O.D.O)