Leaving and Finding

In a little less than 3 months I will say “I do, with everything in me”, to a princess with whom I share a story from 8 years ago.

Nadine and I were in-and-out of love for a brief moment back in 2009. 

The out-of-love part was difficult for the both of us, because we were in total different spaces, and had we push for anything more, we would not have found each other again.

So many people try to keep alive a relationship that is beyond repair; beyond mending, but often, the only way to give life to it, is to let it go. 

To leave. 

And it might come back to you, or it might not. But wasting breath, and money, and energy on something that’s not life-giving is not worth it.

Leaving is painful. It’s scary. It can hurt as hell. But it can also be healthy. And freeing. And a blessing in disguise.

When Nadine and I picked up our friendship again, I was a mess. But I knew our reconnection was a soothing balm to my pain, and outweighed all the hours of late night music and cigarettes.

And now we are here, because we have left things there. Now we are getting married. The same two people who said, “this won’t work.”

No two people share the same story of leaving.

If something is toxic, leave! 

If it’s abusive, leave!

If it’s life-sucking, leave!

Don’t stay. Don’t be afraid. 

There’s bravery in leaving.

Not everyone reconnects.

But everyone finds again.

May you leave if you have to, and may you find when you least expect it.

Peace to you.


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