Why I got married.

Some people call it fate.

Some people call it destiny.

The way things happen to and for them. 

Whatever you call it, I believe in that. I believe that some things-good or bad- are meant to find us, and happen to us. We don’t just stumble upon them. They seem to find their way to our front yard like a stray dog in a small town.

As most of you know, I had a lot of bad following and finding me since early childhood. A lot of which had me end up in jail for five years. 

And today, December 7th, it is exactly 10 years since I was released into society, with a pair of Grasshoppers, jeans, a white shirt, and just over R200 in my pocket. I remember that day like it was yesterday. 

But I’m also ready to remember it like it never happened.

In these 8 days of INCREDIBLE married life, I’ve learned one thing: Marriage is about letting go first, so that you can add on. 

For years I’ve walked in the shadow of my horrible story, and I’m not taking anything away from it. 

I still own it. 

But I wanted better- for me; for my future, and for those who share similar stories as mine.

Marriage is one of the biggest “betters” a person can accomplish. And I got it. But to keep it one of the best things that happen to you, you have to decide what am I going to release and let go of, from my past, so that my grip on marriage could tighten.

It is NO coincidence that yesterday Nadine and I got back from an amazing time of leisure and luxury on honeymoon, and today 10 years have gone by since I traded prison gang life for a future and a hope. 

It is NO coincidence that we were in a place unknown to us, celebrating a future unknown to us, and 10 years ago I stepped into an unknown future; fear trembling in every part of my being.

But it’s time I lose sight of the valley. 

It’s time I let go of those dark years. Because I’m starting something so great and powerful that people won’t believe that those horrible parts were once a part of me. I’m incredibly graced with a person who’ve said, “I’ll give myself to you regardless of what you’ve given yourself to.”

I got married because she helps me let go, but she’s also helping me find.

Peace to you.

P.S. Nadine and I took the feature photo in this post when we weren’t even dating.


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