Winning at life.

Sometimes, trying to win at life, or conquer the past is as effective as attempting to overthrow ISIS with a paper clip. But sometimes, life gives you glimpses of what it would look like to come out on the other side as David next to a fallen Goliath.

I’m graduating today (this blog is published at the ceremony), with a bachelor’s degree in theology. Which probably don’t mean much, depending from which side of the neighborhood you’re looking out of.

But for me, this is the paper clip win. This is the outrageous attempt to win at life that finally paid off- even for a little while.

So much about my life has been about going-nowhere-fast. So much was punching air, while believing  I’m capable of making “lemonade from lemons.” And after way too many wasted lemons, it looks like I’ve managed to fill a glass.

And this, today, is history.

The first person in my family to get beyond what we’re told we’ll never become.

When I set out to finish my schooling in prison, I never had this day in mind. I never thought it would come to this. And it took me wayyyy longer than it should take anyone. But I’m here.

I’ve made it this far.

And there’s a grace to that that can only be described as a gift I did not deserve.

The gift of not comparing my path with someone else’s.

The gift of staying true to my story.

The gift of having so many people cheering me on; investing in me; believing in me and praying for me; rare to find kinda people.

But most of all, the gift of knowing how ALL of this comes from God. 

As it says in the book of Isaiah, “You have established peace for us, and all we have accomplished You have done for us.”

Peace to you.


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