Average Christian

If you are a South African Christian, there’s a chance you read, owned, or seen a copy of Joy! Magazine– a Christian magazine that has only ever had celebrity Christians on their cover. Except for Easter and Christmas times, when it’s J.C. (Jesus) Himself sporting a cover. Other than that, it’s always men and woman with Dr. in their names, has built a megachurch, and probably gets a facelift every so often. (do you think this post’s cover photo could make it in?)

Why is that though? Why is mainstream Christian media almost as shallow as the media they warn you about? Why has there never been a normal, average Christian on the cover of Joy!?

Why do you first have to have something massively built before your voice, story, ministry can receive an audience?

All around us, millions of Average Christians are impacting the world and making a significant difference in their work places and communities, but somehow that gets lost in the craze of another Christian conference we shouldn’t miss because pastor so and so from America is headlining it.

I’ve started a podcast to highlight the journeys and stories of those in the trenches of every day life; the ones who’ll never feature on a magazine cover but are as committed in giving the best of their lives to the work God has called them to.

It’s a new venture for me, but I’m hopeful to see it grow into a platform where mustard seed work can be highlighted, and in so doing, inspire and encourage others to “not grow weary in doing good”.

It’s the Average Christian Podcast, for Average Christians.


Please download and subscribe to the podcast. And tell your friends about it by sharing this post. Below is a link to the podcast, for Soundcloud and iTunes:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stream

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/za/podcast/ivor-swartz/id1152005957?mt=2


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