Average Christian

If you are a South African Christian, there’s a chance you read, owned, or seen a copy of Joy! Magazine– a Christian magazine that has only ever had celebrity Christians on their cover. Except for Easter and Christmas times, when … Continue reading Average Christian

World Teachers Day

Today, all around the world, we celebrate, and honour the greatest gift to the advancement of society: teachers. If it weren’t for them so few of us would’ve been anything more than what we believed about ourselves since day one of school. They are the heroes who hardly ever get the recognition they deserve (unless they work in private schools). In South African, the majority of teachers work in poor conditions, largely because of a lack of proper administration. Yet, these teachers show up every day, to pass on the gift of knowledge to their learners. They have to deal … Continue reading World Teachers Day

The Talk

We’ve all heard it, right?  Or, at least, most of us heard it. That awkward 5 minutes of, “my child, you’re growing up and your body is changing, and we need to discuss a few things about it.” You both wished it over, and you never spoke about it again. But then you grow up and you realize that the talk isn’t that awkward actually, because it’s everywhere, and everyone is talking about it, and being experts on it. But some things are just too hard to talk about. Some things are just better left unsaid. And some things are … Continue reading The Talk

White knuckles

In the beginning of this year, I made a conscious, intentional decision to not purchase any clothes for the whole of 2015. It was an idea I stole from a friend I spoke to one evening. And as someone that don’t worry too much about trends, but have a distinct serious long-term relationship with shoes, I thought this would be an easy “challenge”. But quite to my surprise, I realized how attached I’ve become to what’s in my closet than what’s in my heart. We all have those things, right? Those things that make us shallow. Those things that disconnects … Continue reading White knuckles

Expungement: Rejected

In the last week, I’ve had the privilege to share my story/my testimony with three different groups of people- a new-found group of friends, a radio station, and a grade 8 group from a nearby school, today. And as much as it can become repetitive, it truly is something that fills my replenishing bucket to the brim. On most days leading up to the speaking opportunity, I have this fight with myself: “Why did you say yes? Is this all you’ll be known for? What are you without having to share your story?” But I feel my hope immensely refreshed, and … Continue reading Expungement: Rejected