This is for you (a poem I’m sharing with a school group this weekend)

This is for the ones who think they are too big, too small, too thick, too boney, too boyish, or too girly. This is for the ones who think they are ugly. The ones who think they should hide out. And the ones who gets judged for it. The ones who let their external appearance determine their internal feelings. The ones with their fingers in their throats after every meal. The ones who get kicked down by words. The ones who will never try anything new. Here’s a fun fact Deep down, we all feel the same. We find things … Continue reading This is for you (a poem I’m sharing with a school group this weekend)

Don’t go just yet.

I know there will be days when it feels as if this life wants to squeeze every ounce of happiness out from your leaking heart…BUT, hold on. I know, “it gets better”, often sounds more flirtatious than it actually is, and healing can cause more pain than hurting does…BUT, hold on. I know, inside, you dreams feels more like windswept ashes than the sweltering fire you once thought it was…BUT, hold on. I know you believe that friendship is like skipping stones; that no matter how big the ripples, it somehow always vanishes in the sea of “all of us”…BUT, hold on. … Continue reading Don’t go just yet.

Hope For Grabouw

I don’t have a lot of recollections of Apartheid. I grew up in its fade-out phase. I was only six years old when Mandela was released from prison. Back then I didn’t even know who Nelson Mandela was but I remember the hope with which people spoke about him. I vaguely remember what happened in Melrose Place with the forceful evictions in the 90’s. I remember as a boy, helping families gathering their belongings that was scattered all over that dusty open field. I remember the barbed wires, and begging treats from the SA Army guys patrolling our streets. I … Continue reading Hope For Grabouw