The Talk

We’ve all heard it, right?  Or, at least, most of us heard it. That awkward 5 minutes of, “my child, you’re growing up and your body is changing, and we need to discuss a few things about it.” You both wished it over, and you never spoke about it again. But then you grow up and you realize that the talk isn’t that awkward actually, because it’s everywhere, and everyone is talking about it, and being experts on it. But some things are just too hard to talk about. Some things are just better left unsaid. And some things are … Continue reading The Talk

Don’t go just yet.

I know there will be days when it feels as if this life wants to squeeze every ounce of happiness out from your leaking heart…BUT, hold on. I know, “it gets better”, often sounds more flirtatious than it actually is, and healing can cause more pain than hurting does…BUT, hold on. I know, inside, you dreams feels more like windswept ashes than the sweltering fire you once thought it was…BUT, hold on. I know you believe that friendship is like skipping stones; that no matter how big the ripples, it somehow always vanishes in the sea of “all of us”…BUT, hold on. … Continue reading Don’t go just yet.

Hello Bad Days

I can so easily forget what it means to be a person. I can get so easily wrapped up in how I feel when I feel heavy, that I forget how others feel about me. I focus too much on how hard I have to swallow every morning  before stepping outside, and how I have to press play to that overrated track in my head: “it’s not as bad as it feels”.  Most days I stay grounded though. Most days I continue to believe that my life is not the mess it was years ago. Those days I fly. I … Continue reading Hello Bad Days

I was almost “Robin Williams” (My battle with depression)

“Our job is to improve the quality of life; not just delaying death”- Patch Adams I’m an emotional wreck this morning. I’ve been bawling my eyes out from the time I woke up when a friend sent me a link about the fateful death of Robin Williams- one of the best actors who ever walked this earth. Our world is shocked and choked. My world is shocked and choked. I’m choking. Robin Williams has been one of my favorite actors since I can remember- since the days of Hook, Alladin, and Mrs. Doubtfire. In all of the movies I’ve seen of … Continue reading I was almost “Robin Williams” (My battle with depression)