For you…it’s okay

It’s okay to hurt; I hurt for you.

And after the pain has been attended to, you will see that you can survive it.

The morning WILL come.

It is because of the darkness that you are able to see the light. It is a beautiful, comforting fact of life.

Do not despise your dark times.

You are human.

You will fall; I will fall; we will fall, and I will love you when you stand up straight, and I will love you with your knees scraped on the concrete of confusion. I will not kick you when you’re down there, gathering yourself, wiping the shame off of your pretty blue dress. I will not give up after the seventy second try. I will comfort you and cheer you on; I will be gentle when you’re bruised. I will cover your wounds and say “amen” to your every prayer.

I believe in you.

You are perfectly imperfect.

Just like everyone; all of us, flawed; all of us wonderful; all of us connected. I will not give up on you. You are invaluable and I need you to see it. I will wait for that day that the scales fall from your eyes and you stand in front of a full-length mirror and declare out loud, “I AM BEAUTIFUL”.

With courage and compassion I will be an ice pack for your wound; grace and understanding. I will not be unkind. I will not neglect you or make you a sacrifice, you are valuable, too.

When I am tempted to forget you, I will remember that there’s not a bone in my body that has not felt the aching of my heart missing you- all 206 of them.

I am going to allow you to experience every emotion and resist the urge to classify them as “good” or “bad”. Instead I will fight to show you the worth in all of them, and I will choose to be gracious when I tap out, or crawl up with the old familiar numbness. I will give you permission to be, whatever you are, whenever you are, as long as it is true.



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