Day 28: Politics & Drama

Years ago I made a point of not being one to talk about politics, simply because I’m not a politician, but also because I believe the world would need less (moronic) governance if each person governs and judge themselves, fairly of course. But this is the topic so I have to weigh in. Here’s my 20cents: 

Julius Malema & Steve Hofmeyr. 

Both monkeys of the same kind.

Both circus acts.

It’s probably because they are so alike that they dislike each other so much.

The one wants to win the approval of late C. J. LANGENHOVEN by singing “Die Stem”, and maybe make great great gramps General Louis Botha rest in peace finally, but all this is actually nothing but a grand marketing stunt with the headline, “Ons vir Jou Suid-Afrika”. The modern-day Moses with a mic as his rod and a solemn promise of “ons sal lewe; ons sal sterwe” on his way to the Promised Land. Yet, Moses never entered the Promised Land himself.

The other one (Malema) preys on the unemployed masses with gumboots and red overalls, which the people he defends can’t even afford. He lures them in with the same old sticky toffee that was used by the ANC on him. The whole country love listening to him but will never follow him.

Steve is turning 50 this year and suffers a terrible mid-life crisis, hence the glorious epiphany of one final attempt at making history with something greater than “Be fruitful and increase in number”. 

Julius is 33 going on 3rd grade; like a foul-mouthed toddler, before he could say “mama”, boasting about his achievement of being on Time’s list of Least Influential People in 2010

What wonderful gifts these two are to the circus industry of Mzansi; to the drama industry; to the industry of “look at me I can stir a crowd and they’ll follow me blindly”.

Oh dear Plato was so right when he said “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” 

Peace to you.


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